About Lucid Dreams:

How wonderful to read someone actually wrote their lucid dream here in Tumblr. I have a lot of them and scribbles them in my little note book every time I wake up from my lucid dream. Sometimes, I even dream and talk consciously in my dream about the dream I am dreaming about currently. Sometimes, even if I wake up from my dream, when I went back to sleep, it could be after a little while, it could even be after a day, or a week even a month, I occasionally continue dreaming about the same dream interrupted last time. I also fly in my dreams, especially when confronted with danger or when I am afraid of something. Other times, I do fly for pleasure and the variety of flying types amazes me when awake. I will write some of them here in the future.

The LijRetta Show at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013: Venue - Loop Project Space & Bar, Melbourne CBD
Hello! My dearest Melbourne! How are you doing? I am back from 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Now, it’s your time to celebrate the amazing journey of LijRetta at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Of course, you’ve created him, it belongs to you. He had an amazing journey from being in a raw comedy competition… in 2012, to have a solo show within that year at The Melbourne Fringe festival and then taking it to Adelaide Fringe 2013, and bringing it back to Melbourne where it was conceived. But, The LijRetta Show is dynamic, it changes even within the life of the show in one festival, let alone in different festivals. Its unscripted, its fresh, its thought experimental. Here is the details of my show at the venue where I would be performing, at Loop Project Space & Bar:

Come, join me for unforgettable night of fresh and intelligent comedy!!

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The LijRetta Show/Adelaidefringe Festival 2013
The LijRetta Show
The LijRetta Show

The LijRetta show premiering at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival is coming soon.

It is a smart, intelligent, philosophical and observational standup-comedy which also visits the childhood memories of LijRetta growing in the Valleys of Ambassell in Ethiopia.

For more detailed information visit or see the Melbourne Fringe Festival guide.

Come and meet LijRetta, the star of The LijRetta Show. Its going to be a fresh night of comedy. Its on in the first block of Melbourne Fringe except Monday the 1st of October. Show starts at 6.30pm, Sunday 5.30.

See you there!